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Measurement Chart – Knowledge BankingThe original title: Tubalu: 2.0202 trillion industry ecological incubation strategy will be released next week according to the official weibo Tubalu news released in 2019, the fifth Tubalu ecological conference will be held in shenzhen in December 18, when the investment institutions, building materials manufacturers, the family enterprise and industry experts and scholars of representative will be gathered around the theme of "add momentum for growth" to carry out a series of activities.A week ago, on December 6, Tuba rabbit posted a poster to the public on its official weibo account that said a broken egg was leaning against an egg that was about to break, with footprints stretching far away.In the center of the photo are five "not just shadows" characters.However, in today's promotional posters, Numbers are made up of many words, a series of keywords including incubation, upgrade, ecology, intelligence, online, development and sharing, community operations, and so on are combined.It is learned that the fifth tuba rabbit ecological congress 2019 will be held in shenzhen on December 18, when representatives of investment institutions, building materials manufacturers, household enterprises and industry experts and scholars will gather to carry out a series of activities under the theme of "adding new impetus".Angel is a strategic partner in the campaign.For a long time, the domestic decoration industry has been regarded as a "trillion market".Decoration industry is not only a market behavior, but also a people's livelihood behavior.It can be said that most people will experience decoration once in their lives, and there are no lack of two or three or more decorations.Relevant statistics show that in the next 5 to 10 years, China's large residential areas will become a large market of more than 30 trillion yuan, among which large areas of home decoration area is known as the "4 trillion yuan market".Domestic decoration market potential is huge, but the problem of decoration industry is also very obvious.As we all know, decoration industry is a slow industry, decoration itself is a low-frequency, long-span cycle, large capital investment behavior, even though labor and efforts may not achieve the expected results.However, for assembly companies, they need to face many complex links, such as design, construction, supply chain, delivery and so on.Standardization is hard to achieve and harder to achieve.The defect that exists for a long time also restricted the development of the industry, cause adornment profession to fall into "big industry, small business" vicious circle.In order to better empower the decoration company, tubo successively launched "satisfactory drawings", "excellent collection" and other products and services.At the same time, it also introduced an innovative "decorate first, pay later" trading model in the industry.It also provides energy for decoration companies by building infrastructure in the decoration industry, and strengthens the service capacity of decoration companies.In addition, in June this year, Tubalu also launched the Internet home improvement platform "House Measurement Service Standards", which established multiple nodes to better monitor the Measurement quality of houses, make the Measurement work more intuitive, and timely upload high-quality House Measurement reports.

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