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The Thing He Carried Wake Forest Magazine"Why does our school always fail to cultivate outstanding talents?This is the famous question of qian xuesen, the founder of scientific work in new China.For the scientific cause of the new China painstaking blood, but old age still not without feeling ground to say such a shock every Chinese heart of a word.Why can't our school produce outstanding talents?The author thinks actually qian old heart already had such an answer, just inconvenient to say.In fact, the Chinese government invests a lot of money in education every year, and the family education expenditure is increasing year by year.A large number of resources into education to go, the effect is very remarkable, at present our country college graduates increase year after year, college graduates more employment is a problem, can also say that education is not successful!However, more investment in education only solves the problem of how to teach and how to retain talents has become a hot issue in recent years.Every year, tsinghua university Peking University has a large number of outstanding graduates, without hesitation choose to study abroad, few people stay at home.However, most of these students choose to stay in western countries after their academic success, and returning home is the last choice they have no choice but to make.Why on earth does this work?Speaking of why, I want to tell a story of the republic of China period, I think many people have heard this story.One of the representatives of the intellectuals of the May 4th movement, liu wendian, who had followed sun yat-sen, called Chiang kai-shek the new warlord to his face.At that time, liu wendian was President of anhui university.When students from anhui university smashed the no. 1 girls' high school next door, liu wendian, the President of anhui university, immediately expressed his willingness to take the blame and apologize to the school.Chiang was visiting anhui, and the provincial education department demanded that the students be dealt with seriously.Liu wendian said nothing to agree.When Chiang kai-shek learned of the incident, he also resolutely dealt with the students, which angered liu wendian. The two men met separately to discuss the issue, but unfortunately, they soon fell out.Liu wendian denounced Chiang as a "warlord".In great anger, Chiang kai-shek stood up and slapped him twice in the face. However, President liu, who was also a real hero, did not take any revenge, and kicked him in the crotch.Chiang kai-shek was so sore and sweaty that he stood up for a long time and locked up liu wendian, determined to be shot.However, seven days later, Chiang released liu wendian and sent him to tsinghua university to become chairman of the department of Chinese studies.This foot, also let liu wendian fame.This may be nothing more than to take it as the legend of the republic of China period to listen to, think liu wendian for his students, courage, men.But few people can think of the question, why is it so difficult for Chiang kai-shek, who has been labeled as a dictator in history, to deal with a few students?Did a university President come and scold him, or even kick him?In fact, this reflects a very delicate relationship at that time. Although Chiang kai-shek was the President of the republic of China at that time, his power and responsibility could not be managed by liu wendian, the President of the university.Although it now seemed certain that Chiang kai-shek wanted to get rid of liu wendian, he was constrained by a number of conditions to let him go. Although liu wendian had been with sun yat-sen long before, he had joined the revolution when Chiang kai-shek was still young, and this was partly because of his seniority.Chiang's inability to meddle in the universities was the most fundamental reason.At that time, the university of the republic of China was completely isolated from the official circles. The government only had the right of appointment of the President of the university, but it did not have the right of management and supervision of the President of the university. In other words, everything in the university needed to be studied and decided by the committee of the university.Although the officialdom of the republic was dark, the school kept relatively high autonomy under this system.In addition, the faculty and staff of the republic of China university are all one in a hundred. With the support of famous teachers and a relaxed academic atmosphere, the republic of China has cultivated countless scholars even though it only lasted for more than 30 years.For scientific research units or schools, what is the most fatal, I think it is the education administration!The administrative management means to manage the government are put into the university campus which needs to be open and tolerant, which leads to the campus environment in our country.Students flock to join the student union in order to get an official position above other students.Teachers do their best for professional titles, but lesson preparation has become an optional part-time job.The professor was busy accepting state projects and securing funding for them.I had the opportunity to come into contact with a few a famous industry, a professor at the university of north, much contact with them, and I said the most words is "live so this old just know, technology is the most worthless" I was surprised to the chin almost didn't fall down, the professors are to undertake national project of higher-ups ah, I am holding the worship mentality to look up at the industry leading, did not think of these greats did not give me hope in their opportunity, look to turn down.If you say this is a real estate nouveau riche also forget, this is from the Top10 domestic universities of the professor mouth, indeed the author's three views are thoroughly refreshed.When technology is linked to money, when learning is linked to power.I think it's hard to think.Hope the reader thinks deeply.

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