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Drew Brees T Shirt JerseySelect one or more of the following keywords to search for relevant information.You can also directly click "search information" to search the whole question.Carlisle is the center of the gathering, except Bella, Alice and jasper, the rest of the members are his own change.The whole family has golden eyes and sucks animal blood, hence the name "vegetarianism".The cullens are by far the largest family of vampires (the volturi, if the guards are counted, are the largest) and are friendly with the denali family.Isabella Marie Swan's full name: Isabella Marie Swan's last name before she married Edward. BellaCullen's first name after she married Edward: Bella, Bells, Vampire girl, human girlDidn't gave birth to renee mei is human (twilight to eclipse), before giving birth to renee, mei after dying when a vampire after being injected with venom (Breaking Dawn) birthday: 09/13/1987 death (vampire days) : 09/10/2006 (appearance) has always 18: shield technique (shields, resist all comes from the mental abilities, as humans have been able to resist, to become a vampire can protect others, after to renee mei is invalid.)Strong self-control.Spouse: Edward cullen automobile: Chevrolet truck before marriage;Engaged to Mercedes jihad;After marriage, Edward gave her a ferrari: renesme may carly Karen (half-human, half-vampire daughter) height: 168cmWhen Kristen Stewart arrives in fox, she's all about the weather, getting used to her sheriff father, and keeping the boys at a distance.However, she is soon involved in the life of the carren family and must face the dangers she has never experienced. Her boyfriend is a vampire who craved her blood.But in the end she decided it didn't matter because she was unconditionally and irredeemably in love with him and was willing to risk her life for him.She believed that with Edward, she would live well.But soon when she had to die to protect her mother, she knew she wouldn't die if she didn't come to forks.She discovers that she can defeat an unrivaled killer and save her family, and because of her association with vampires, she realizes that she can be truly brave.Edward Cullen real name (pre-vampire name) : Edward Anthony Mason full name (post-vampire name) : Edward Anthony Mason Cullen species: vampire birthday: 06/20/1901 death date (turn vampire date) : 1918 (with the appearance of a permanent 17-year-old) ability:Mind-reading (to Bella is invalid), speed (Karen fastest in the family, Bella as a newborn out hunting, dawn was beyond him easily, first James also said Edward's fastest) spouse: ? Isabella swan (Bella ? Karen) car: Volvo C30 (car) in the twilight Volvo XC 60 (crescent end with Jacob car) was the Volvo S60R (car) after marry Bella aston Martin V12 Vanquish children: renee, mei ? card manage ? Karen (half human half vampire daughter) height:Why it changed: Carlisle saved her son after her mother begged him to save him after she died of the Spanish flu in 1918.Edward, played by Robert Pattinson as the blond, blue-eyed and handsome teen in the movie, is the most noticeable male character in twilight. He is a vampire who embodies the classic traits of a vampire: mysterious, handsome, infatuating and omnipotent.Edward was still free to walk in the human world during the day, but if the sun shone directly on him, he would be transformed into a golden Apollo.Met Bella, although deeply attracted by Bella, but he also for his vampire identity and feel pain and confusion.The vampire is not only the representative of the devil, but also retains a lot of human attributes. In their hearts, they have the dual characteristics of both the devil and human nature. These two characteristics collide with each other, forming a pair of contradictory bodies.Humans and vampires are incompatible, what's more, he also fell in love with humans. Edward, aware of this, is undoubtedly lonely and desperate, but he still has the care of his adoptive vampire parents, and the company of his vampire siblings.Renesmee Carlie Cullen (Renesmee Carlie Cullen) name explanation: Renesmee -- renee & esme;Carly -- Carlisle & Charlie;Edward cullen - surname nickname: nice (taken Jacob, but think that Bella is the name of the monster, so don't like all the time, however, was gone in a wall chart, Bella excitedly told her nice) categories: half human half vampire: birthday 09/09/2006 ability: let others see what I was thinking (in contrast to the father Edward ability), and the defense.(no one can refuse her, can't help liking her, and Bella's shield can't resist her.)Mother father: ? Edward cullen: Bella ? Karen spouse: Jacob ? branding (lover) deduced that the black around the age of seven she grow up to be adult, youth always have beautiful appearance, have the stiffness of the vampire skin, human heart, a werewolf's temperature, 24 pairs of chromosomes, to feed on blood, also can eat the food of human beings.The first word was "mom." the first word was "mom, where's grandpa?"Mackenzie Foy stars as Carlisle Cullen in the fourth breaking dawn film. The Carlisle Cullen category: vampire birthday: c.AMG occupation: doctor change of cause: after being bitten and found by a vampire in the hunt for a vampire, he tried to kill himself several times after the change, but failed, and decided not to kill and live on animal blood.In the movie is by Peter ? Peter Facinelli (Peter Facinelli) play the role of ace may ? Karen (Esme Cullen) name (name) to change before the vampire: Esme Anne Platt categories: vampire birthday: around 1895 (appearance), 26, forever traits: caring ability: design building spouse: Carlisle ? Karen change reason: because son died and heart-broken, she tried to off a cliff, was taken to the morgue, but was Carlisle save (save very heavy injury), saved is the second time.And had a crush on Carlisle from the first meeting.In the movie is by Elizabeth Reaser as Rosalie ? Hale (Rosalie Hale) name (name) to change before the vampire: Rosaile Lillian Hale categories: vampire nickname: Rose birthday: 1915 (with 18 appearance forever) traits: hold on, the most beautiful blonde: assassination, overhaul spouse: emmett ? Karen car: red BMW M3 change reason:After being humiliated and killed by her fiance, rost king, and his friends, Rosalie was found dying on the street and rescued by Carlisle.The change revs king and his friends (killing king's friends one by one causes king to panic, and then one night wears a wedding dress and kills rost king).In the movie, Nikki Reed plays Rosalie, a gorgeous woman who is raped and killed in the snow by her drunken boyfriend Royce and his friend before her marriage.In order to give Edward alone for nearly a hundred years to find a companion, just passing Carlisle turned her into an immortal vampire.But Edward did not love her, and Rosalie's strong self-esteem made her very repulsive of Bella.Bella could not help comparing herself with Rosalie from time to time. She felt that she did not have Rosalie's outstanding beauty, but she had Edward's love.A Cinderella who has achieved great success in life will generously help her sister, just as Cinderella in a fairy tale helped her two sisters find rich husbands.Though Rosalie had been mean to Bella, Bella understood and forgave her.Emmett ? Karen (Emmett Cullen) name (name) to change before the vampire: Emmett Mccarty, categories: vampire birthday: 1915 (has always appearance of 20) : power spouse: Rosalie ? change reason hale: be bear scratches, Rosalie found him, and brought him back to Carlisle, let Carlisle changed him, Rosalie think Emmett pure lovely friends like before children Henry, so saved him.Cars: the fiery jeep is played by Kellan Lutz as Alice Cullen in the movie.(she doesn't remember when she was turned into a vampire, but in "twilight," James tells Bella about Alice, who was sent to an insane asylum when she was young because she could see into the future.The only victim James ever fails to catch is Alice in the human period, but a vampire doctor in the asylum transforms her to protect her and hides her in the basement. Due to the total darkness, she forgets everything in the human period.Have the appearance of being 19 forever.Death (becoming a vampire) : 1820s.(she had searched for her birth and found the date of her death on her tombstone -- the date she received her admission notice.)Ability to see what is possible and what is about to happen (subjectively, if the person changes his or her mind halfway through the prediction will not come true.And the future of the werewolf and renesme is invisible because of race relations, which will disappear when Bella and Jacob are together) spouse: Jasper Hale car: porsche 911 TurboDiscovered by James (who chased Bella) and tries to drain the blood, she is saved by an old vampire. In the movie, played by Ashley Greene.Because Alice can see dimly into the future, she can foretell possible crises.When Bella and Edward separated for the first time, Alice vaguely foresaw Bella's self-abuse cliff jump and Edward's suicide, she immediately returned to fox town, and with Bella in time to Italy, at the last moment, rescued Edward;Alice's foresight in the elimination of the battle from Victoria and the new vampire army, played a decisive role;The meticulous Alice also helps Bella plan a super luxurious wedding.Jasper Hale real name: Jasper Whitlock species: vampire nickname: Jazz birthday: 1843 (with the appearance of a permanent 20) ability: control the emotions of those around him spouse: Alice Cullen why:Three sisters when major such as maria has been discovered and change, become a newborn in the southern vampire war (due to jasper and Rosalie looked the same, is often regarded as twin brother and sister, and jasper don't mind what his name is, so to change the same surname and Rosalie, Hale Hale) in the movie is by Jackson Rathbone ACTS the role of Charlie ? Swan, Charlie Swan (Bella's dad) categories: human occupation: by Billy Burke ACTS the role of police in the movie is Renee ? del Renee Dwyer (Bella's mother.Category: human Charlie's ex-wife and phil's current wife.Phil type: human renee's current husband.The number of werewolves was always small, about three, but it grew with the arrival of the cullen family, and even increased to 17 in the latter part of breaking dawn due to the large number of vampire visitors.Werewolves have a saying, "destiny," that they will fall in love with the person who gives them the best and most suitable werewolf genes, a kind of love at first sight.With a body temperature of around 40 degrees Celsius and 24 pairs of chromosomes, it does not age unless it gives up for a long time.According to eros, they were not werewolves, but "shape-shifters" whose powers were derived from the Navaho Indian legend of the transvestite.Jacob ? (Jacob Black, Black) nickname: Jake, Mutt, Dog, Mongrel Pup, Jacob age: 15 (Twilight), 16 (crescent to dawn), the body is 25 years old, also won't grow old categories: human (Twilight), a werewolf (crescent to dawn) : a pack of wolves alpha descent, was born at the head of the spouse: renee, mei ? card manage ? Karen (branded) in the movie is played by Taylor Lautner introduced: Jacob is Bella's childhood playmate.Jacob is a quileute on the rappsis reservation. Legend has it that his people were transformed from wolves to vampires.Jacob's father Billy and Bella's father are good friends. Jacob has been deeply in love with Bella all the time. Although his courtship is rejected, he still silently protects Bella.He is the leader of the pack, but is reluctant to accept it at first, and becomes alpha alpha in the dawn to protect Bella.Jacob is the offspring of a werewolf who is at daggers drawn with vampires. He is usually no different from ordinary people. He can run fast when necessary, and his body can soar into a huge and powerful Wolf.Alone and desperate after Edward's departure, Bella often tries masochistic adventures.Jacob, who is young and uninhibited, knows that Bella has someone else in mind, but lovingly accompanies her to protect her.When Bella and Edward are reunited, she treats Jacob as her best friend, but not as a lover. Jacob's heart suffers, but he still loves her silently

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